Visual Storyteller - earth daughter - lover of the ocean. 

I was raised by some pretty cool people. I mean who names their daughter after the 70's queen of rock 'n' roll?.. That would be my parents. I'm the oldest of five and my most treasured childhood moments were spent covered in mud. I have often found myself chasing that which makes me feel alive and vibrant, doing my best to weave an authentic connection to the earth as my soul so craves. When this happens everything feels right in my world.

My husband and I have five bright eyed babes who make our world spin and are my largest source of motivation to pull my camera out and capture today. There's lots of cooking, dreaming, dancing around the kitchen before the sun is up, chasing waves at the beach, snuggles before bed and plenty of chaos in between, but it's everything I've ever wanted. I wholeheartedly believe in embracing all that children are. So let them run wild, I promise I'll find your magic. 

My passion for photography stems from so many places. It's ability to be raw and endlessly expressive, to see the beauty in the connection and details that can often times go unseen and to document a part of the journey. The authenticity of emotions that can be frozen to take with us for tomorrow, it's a beautiful thing. I often turn my lens to see the world as it is and all that embodies lifestyle photography, but I'm also not afraid to create art with a vision and passion for what it is I want to see. 

My inspiration is infused by laughing children, loving touch, vintage film, golden light, native traditions and the feeling you get walking barefoot in the forest. I am honored to help you tell your story and capture a timeless moment for you to treasure and keep always. 

xo Stevie

Stevie is a natural light photographer based in the bay area, CA who specializes in love-inspired portraiture.