Thought I'd break the ice. Welcome to my new blog. I'm Stevie, writer and photographer of this little corner of the web. I have been working hard building up my portfolio and I'm excited to finally have a good format to share my work with you along the way. I should have a gallery up in early 2015, but until then this blog is where it's at. 

I've been expressing myself through photographs and capturing my families stories now for almost a decade. I'm discovering that although I believe my style of photography is unique in it's own way, finding my editing niche and what makes my business mine, can come with it's own set of challenges. I'm sure it's going to be one more avenue I figure out along the way and so far I'm okay with that. So be gentle friends. 

And along side navigating through this passionate journey into timeless expression, this art is allowing me to share and learn more about myself and the soul that sometimes doesn't get to shine out loud. It's healing in a way and helps keep my feet planted when everything else is spinning sonic speed. I'm finding that the woman deep down, under all the layers, sometimes she surprises me. And I like that.