New beginnings

Happy New Year friends! I do love fresh new beginnings.. It's been so quiet on this journal and my facebook page, but it's because I have been SO busy working hard photographing all year and keeping my family fed and loved. It was amazing and busy and I'm so happy so many of you trusted me to help document your story in 2015.  I'm really excited to share more of what I'll be working on both for personal projects and client work in 2016 with some big changes coming up. Here's to slowing down more to cherish the time with those we love and finding more joy, always. xo


Fresh48 sessions have quickly become one of my favorite ways to capture newborns. The photos always share such rawness that pulls me right in as an artist. It's such an important and precious part of someone's story and I am so blessed that my clients trust me to capture that for them. 


A very new fresh48 to share from this week, meet Archer Finn! I kind of have a weakness for brand new babies, especially one's with legs rolls and pouty lips..Usually though I can keep it together, especially when I am working, but this guy had me going crazy. I secretly wanted to sit and cuddle him all day long. And I love that I met this mama through photography and we've now become friends. I have the best job in the world.  

You know when you get so behind in something that you don't even know where to start? Yup I'm there. Last I counted I was 13 sessions behind in sharing. Photo's delivered to clients of course, but this poor journal of mine hasn't had any love in way too long.

Figured I kick off the sharing with some messy summer photos of my crew at one of our favorite spots on the planet. And can I be real for a minute to say that since becoming a photographer I find myself more times than not leaving my camera at home if I know I'll be out in lighting that is this harsh. I never used to do that, I was never afraid to shoot in full sun at the beach, even when it's at it's brightest hour. But sometimes, I crave to break my own silly rules. I don't like that I've become that critical that I'll give up real moments for pretty lighting. Not to say pretty lighting isn't amazing and worth the wait, BUT it's not always possible. It doesn't always have to be a visually amazing photo for me to love it and I forget that sometimes. And who's to say that stand out photos can't be done in harsh lighting anyways. It's crazy thinking...Real is where it's at for my heart. Even down to chocolate tart's all apart of the story and this my friends, was a good reminder to stay true to that. 

Every time I sit down to update this little journal of mine I think about only posting a few favorites, but then I start looking through and realize selecting the best just ins't going to happen. I love them all. And this little guy is going to be one awesome big brother. 

This mama and I went to school together from kindergarten all the way to college, so it was so neat to take photos of her sweet little family. Lots of love and snuggles for mama and baby brother.